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Trivia Tuesday

By Lance Tominaga, ESPN Honolulu Web Editor.

Happy Tuesday! The MLB playoffs are finally here, and you can catch the action on both ESPN Honolulu and CBS 1500. In the meantime, how about a round of baseball trivia? Step up to the plate and take a swing at the 10 questions below. Just don’t strike out!

  1. Who is the only manager to lead five different Major League teams to division titles?
  2. Who was the first major league pitcher to officially record a 100 mph pitch?
  3. Who hit the famous “Shot heard ‘round the world”?
  4. Name the MLB pitcher who didn’t have a right hand.
  5. Everybody knows the New York Yankees have won the most World Series titles (27). Which team has won the second most?
  6. Name the Hall of Fame manager who was ejected from games a record 91 times.
  7. Which is the only current MLB team to have never made a World Series appearance?
  8. What player holds the MLB record for most hits in a season?
  9. Who was the first player to belt 100 career homers for three different major league teams?
  10. Who holds the MLB mark for most stolen bases in a season?


  1. Dusty Baker has led five different MLB clubs to division titles: the San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds, Washington Nationals and (this season) Houston Astros.
  2. On Sept. 7, 1974, while pitching for the California Angels, future Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan threw a pitch that was clocked at 100.8 mph.
  3. That would be New York Giants outfielder Bobby Thomson. On Oct. 3, 1951, Thomson belted a walkoff home run off Brooklyn Dodgers pitcher Ralph Branca to win the NL pennant.
  4. Although he was born without a right hand, Jim Abbott pitched 10 seasons in the majors. In 1993, he tossed a no-hitter for the New York Yankees.
  5. The St. Louis Cardinals are second behind the Yankees in World Series championships, with 11.
  6. Earl Weaver, who managed the Baltimore Orioles for 17 seasons, never got along with umpires. On three occasions, he was ejected in both games of a doubleheader. On two occasions, he was ejected before the game even started.
  7. The Seattle Mariners.
  8. In 2004, the Mariners’ Ichiro Suzuki recorded a record 262 hits.
  9. Reggie Jackson had at least 100 homers with the Athletics, Yankees and Angels.
  10. Rickey Henderson stole 130 bases in the 1982 season.

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