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Brady, Manning, Brees

By Lance Tominaga, ESPN Honolulu Web Editor. 

Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees are three of the greatest QBs to ever sling a football. Combined, they’ve thrown for 233,269 yards (and counting, as Brady is still going strong). In case you’re wondering, that’s 132.5 miles worth of passing yardage – longer than a round-trip drive around the island of Oahu. 

The terrific trio have also combined for 10 Super Bowl championships, seven Super Bowl MVP Awards and nine NFL MVP Awards. 

Below are 10 statistical facts. See if you can identify who we’re describing. (Each answer will either be Brady, Manning or Brees.) 

  1. I am the NFL’s leader in career passing yards. 
  2. Of the three of us, I have the best career completion percentage. 
  3. Of the three of us, I have the most games as a starter. 
  4. I own the league’s single-season record for most passing yards. 
  5. Of the three of us, I have the most career rushing yards. 
  6. I have won a record five NFL MVP Awards. 
  7. I am the NFL’s career leader in pass completions 
  8. I have the NFL record for most passing TDs in one season 
  9. Of the three of us, I have thrown the fewest career interceptions. 
  10. I own the league record for consecutive games with at least one TD pass 10 7 9 


  1. Brady (80,971) 
  2. Brees (67.7%) 
  3. Brady (304) 
  4. Manning (5,477 in 2013) 
  5. Brady (1,079) 
  6. Manning 
  7. Brees (7,142) 
  8. Manning (55 in 2013) 
  9. Brady (193) 
  10. Brees (54)

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