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What is Scorigami?

University of Hawaii fans see “56-14” and “72-45,” and they automatically think about the Rainbow Warriors’ biggest victories against BYU. When Las Vegas Raiders fans see “38-9,” right away they recognize that score as their team’s Super Bowl XVIII blowout over the Washington Don’t-Call-Them-Redskins.

But did you know that some football scores are simply mathematically impossible? You’ll never see a game that ends, 1-0, for example. Or 3-1, 4-1, 5-1 or 7-1. But a final score of 6-1 is possible!

Jon Bois is the originator of “Scorigami” – the concept of building final scores that have never before happened in NFL history. For example, while it’s conceivable that a game could end in a 4-4 tie (with both teams scoring two safeties), the odds of that actually happening would be once every 1,7 billion years!

Here’s more about Scorigami:

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