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Pop Quiz: Streaks

By Lance Tominaga, ESPN Honolulu Web Editor.

Streaks are a fun topic in the world of sports. There are winning streaks and losing streaks, and just about every other kind of streak in between. We dove into the record books and looked up some of the amazing and unforgettable streaks in sports. Take this friendly Pop Quiz and see if you can come up with a good streak of your own (five straight correct answers, maybe?).

1. Joe DiMaggio has Major League Baseball’s record for consecutive games with at least one hit (56). Who challenged DiMaggio’s record in 1978, with 44 straight games with at least one hit?

A. Dave Winfield

B. Rod Carew

C. Pete Rose

2. Who holds the NBA record for consecutive games with at least one three-point goal?

A. Steph Curry

B. Ray Allen

C. Reggie Miller

3. What NHL great scored at least one point in a league-record 51 straight games?

A. Mario Lemeaux

B. Wayne Gretzky

C. Brett Hull

4. What Hall of Fame running back holds the record for consecutive 100-yard games, with 14?

A. Barry Sanders

B. Emmitt Smith

C. Marcus Allen

5. What school set a women’s college basketball record with 90 consecutive wins?

A. Tennessee

B. Connecticut

C. Louisiana Tech

6. Everyone knows Cal Ripken Jr. owns baseball’s consecutive games streak. Who owns the NBA record?

A. Byron Scott

B. AC Green

C. Bob Lanier

7. Who snapped The Undertakers’s WrestleMania winning streak?

A. The Rock

B. Brock Lesnar

C. Roman Reigns

8. Who has the NFL record for consecutive games with at least one touchdown pass, with 54?

A. Dan Marino

B. Peyton Manning

C. Drew Brees

9. Who has the NBA record for most consecutive free throws without a miss?

A. Michael Williams

B. Calvin Murphy

C. Rick Barry

10. What two players share the MLB record for consecutive games with at least one home run?

A. Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire

B. Ken Griffey, Jr. and Josh Hamilton

C. Don Mattingly and Ken Griffey, Jr.


1 – C. Rose’s 44-game streak places him third all-time, behind DiMaggio and Willie Keeler (45).

2 – A. Curry owns the record, burying at least one three-pointer in 157 regular-season games.

3 – B. Gretzky’s streak started on Oct. 5, 1983 and ended on Jan. 27, 1984.

4 – A. In the 1997 season, Sanders rushed for only 57 yards in Detroit’s first two games. After demanding more touches, Sanders would finish the season with 14 straight 100-yard games.

5 – B. UConn’s 90-game win streak (2008 to 2010) included two undefeated seasons and two national titles.

6 – B. Green played in 1,192 straight NBA games.

7 – B. The Undertaker was victorious in 21 straight WrestleMania matches until Lesnar pinned him at WrestleMania XXX in 2014.

8 – C. Until Brees broke the record, Johnny Unitas had the longest TD streak (47 games). Unitas held that mark for almost 52 years.

9 – A. Williams made 97 straight free throws over the 1993-94 seasons.

10 – C. Mattingly blasted a homer in eight straight games in 1987. Griffey matched that feat in 1993.

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