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What the…Fact?!

By Lance Tominaga, ESPN Honolulu Web Editor.

If you love sports statistics, Peyton Bennett’s book, The 400 Craziest WTF Stats in Sports History, is well worth a read. Released in November of last year, the book is full of unbelievable-but-true sports facts that will astound you and perhaps even win you a few bar bets. Seriously, did you know that in the 44 years of the Seattle Mariners’ existence, the franchise has had more cases of ruptured testicles (five) than playoff appearances (four)?

Here are ten more fascinating info nuggets from the book, which can be purchased at Amazon.com:

♦ NFL QB Cam Newton has more rushing TDs (71) then many All-Pro running backs, including Herschel Walker (61), OJ Simpson (61), Eddie George (68), Maurice Jones-Drew (68) and Ricky Williams (66).

♦ Every single NFL Finals (75 years) has featured at least one player who played for the New York Knicks at some point of his career.

♦ In the year that Hank Aaron (who wore #44) passed away, his old team the Atlanta Braves won 44 games before the All-Star break, 44 games after the All-Star break and won the World Series on the 44th week of the year.

♦ Joey Gallo had 100 career HRs before he had 100 career singles.

♦ There have been 67 ACC men’s basketball championship games. Only once has the game not featured a team from North Carolina. (Georgia Tech vs Virginia in 1990)

♦ The San Antonio Spurs are the only NBA franchise that has a winning record against all the other 29 teams.

♦ The only player to have a TD reception for the Buffalo Bills in both 2018 and 2019 is Dion Dawkins, an offensive lineman.

♦ In a 1939 college football game between Texas Tech and Centenary, the two teams punted the ball a combined 77 times.

♦ From 1997 through 2008, Tiger Woods was a combined 126 under par in PGA TOUR majors.

♦ Tom Brady’s record in championship games (conference championships and Super Bowls): 1-5 vs the Manning brothers, 16-2 vs everybody else.

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