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All-Time Rams

By Lance Tominaga, ESPN Honolulu Web Editor.

Putting together a list of the greatest Los Angeles Rams of all time is no easy task. The Rams’ historical roster includes some of the greatest gridiron heroes to ever play football, from legends such as Merlin Olsen and Jackie Slater to current NFL megastar Aaron Donald. We pored over career stats and mulled over each player’s contributions to the franchise. The final result is a blend of old and new. Again, it wasn’t easy. (You had an amazing season, Cooper Kupp, but you’re not quite there yet.)

We did cheat on the tight end position. For example, the Rams never truly had an all-time great tight end – sorry, Pete Holohan – so we thought it was a great opportunity to slot in Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch, who played both running back and receiver for the franchise.

As for the head coach, we went with Dick Vermeil. Yes, he was with the team for only a cup of coffee, but he did lead the franchise to its only Super Bowl victory. (Sean McVay, Sunday is your chance!)

So here’s the list. Let us know what you think!


QB – Kurt Warner (1998-2003)

RB – Eric Dickerson (1983-87)

RB – Marshall Faulk (1999-2006)

WR – Isaac Bruce (1994-2007)

WR – Torry Holt (1999-2008)

TE – Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch (1949-57)

OT – Orlando Pace (1997-2008)

OT – Jackie Slater (1976-95)

OG – Dennis Harrah (1975-87)

OG – Tom Mack (1966-78)

C – Rich Saul (1970-81)


DE – Jack Youngblood (1971-84)

DE – Deacon Jones (1961-71)

DT – Aaron Donald (2014-Present)

DT – Merlin Olsen (1962-1976)

OLB – Roman Pfifer (1991-98)

OLB – Kevin Greene (1985-92)

MLB – Jack “Hacksaw” Reynolds (1970-80)

CB – Jalen Ramsey (2019-Present)

CB – LeRoy Irvin (1980-89)

S – Nolan Cromwell (1977-87)

S – Johnnie Johnson (1980-88)


PK – Jeff Wilkins (1997-2007)

P – Johnny Hecker (2012-Present)

RS – Az-Zahir Hakim (1998-2001)


Dick Vermeil (1997-99)

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