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Hawaiʻi Football Now- Episode 28

Hawaiʻi Football Now- Episode 28

March 10, 2022 // By: Jarin Kobashigawa, Digital Media Specialist

This week on Hawaii Football Now, Jordan Helle and Hunter Hughes review last week’s episode with the first-ever podcast guest, Defensive Coordinator Jacob Yoro. The future of the program rests in the hands of many like Coach Yoro, people who have ties to Hawaii, people who are motivated, and people who want to make the State proud.

Spring Practice

With Spring practices starting on March 22, 2022, Helle and Hughes talk about the essential goals that the UH Football team has to focus on. Helle says first and foremost, establishing a sense of unity is key. Beginning to think about offensive and defensive schemes and personnel strategies are also important to develop now.

And with the Timmy Chang Era underway, open practices have returned to Oahu. Alumni, students, fans, and supporters can go to the Clarence T.C. Ching Athletic Complex to witness the rebuilding of this program and watch the players compete for the starting position. Hughes and Helle said this is a great opportunity for people to impact this team in a new way. After many COVID restrictions and years of closed practices under Coach Todd Graham, this is an opportunity to show this team some love.

Future Recruiting Regulations?

With conversations around how to manage a college football roster with the transfer portal in mind still continuing, Hughes brings up a unique perspective on roster building. With the ability to add players via the transfer portal, it seems that an element of free agency has entered the college football world. And so with this ability, in the future will some colleges shift their focus to only add players via the transfer portal and neglect high school talent?

While each recruit lends itself to a different situation, in general, recruiting players with college experience and college-level maturity has its advantages over a seemingly yet-to-be-proven athlete out of high school. So then, with this in mind, Hughes and Helle discuss what regulations we might see in the future.

Shout out to Brandon MacGregor who gave the Rainbow Warriors a pleasant surprise at the Walk-on Tryouts back in late February. MacGregor brought some energy to the field and stirred up some excitement with guys on the team who previously knew him as a team videographer.

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