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10u Cal Ripken Championship: Mililani Homegrown vs Hawaii Kai All-Stars

10u Cal Ripken State Championship- Mililani Homegrown vs Hawaii Kai All-Stars

June 20, 2022 // By: Jarin Kobashigawa

With cameras rolling and Dave Kawada ready on the radio, family and friends cheered as the 10u Cal Ripken State Championship game between Mililani Homegrown and Hawaii Kai All-Stars got underway. Homegrown’s pitcher Iokepa Pruett shut out the All-Stars and amassed 10 strikeouts before reaching his pitch limit in the top of the 6th inning with only one out to go.

It was an RBI single from Tanner Quinn that gave Homegrown the lead, which they would increase to 2 runs on a sacrifice fly later in the game. Homegrown will travel to play in the 10u Cal Ripken Regional Tournament.

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