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Hawaii Football Players volunteer at Kahana Cultural Living

Monday, June 20, 2022

“The men of UH football are proving they are Defenders of Hawai’i both on and off of the field. This Saturday, about 30 players decided to come straight from practice to Kahana Cultural Living to help build sustainable food sources for our community. They built the literal foundation for new lo’i kalo and for accessible paths allowing more volunteers to experience Kahana.

Of course we and Uncle Daniel Anthony of Kahana Cultural Living were thrilled to have so many strong young men eager to volunteer their time and effort. Each of these men showed up with pure humility and readiness to learn about Hawaiian culture and experience this connection to the land. It felt like this team was bonded over much more than football; they shared a deep sense of responsibility in their roles as representatives of Hawai’i.

Kahana Cultural Living works to build food security in Hawai’i through sustainable Native Hawaiian agricultural practices and through revitalizing our connection to the ‘āina. Defend Hawai’i partners with Kahana Cultural Living to assist with volunteer outreach, and together we host volunteer work days every third Saturday of the month.” – @defendhawaii