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BRADDAHHOOD GRINDZ | University of Hawai’i Men’s Volleyball | Photo Gallery

Mahalo to Braddahhood Grindz and Giovanni Pastrami for hosting a special event for the University of Hawai’i Men’s Volleyball team! The event celebrated their memorable season and provided valuable networking and career advice to the players. This event also highlighted the importance of community support for student-athletes and sustaining the athletic programs and their successes.

Mahalo to Ryan Tanaka for organizing this event and the Giovanni’s Pastrami staff for their hard work and support by bolstering community support for the University of Hawai’i athletics!

The University of Hawai’i Volleyball team had a fantastic season, ending with a record of 24-3 and earning a 4th consecutive spot in the NCAA Championship. To commemorate their accomplishments, Braddahhood Grindz organized an event to recognize the team’s hard work and dedication.

The event also emphasized the significance of community support for student-athletes. The University of Hawai’i Volleyball program has a long history of success, and it is vital to maintain that success through community involvement and support. Braddahhood Grindz’s event showcased the importance of recognizing and celebrating these student-athletes’ hard work and accomplishments.

In addition to celebrating the team’s achievements, the event aimed to provide valuable career advice to the players. Business professionals from various industries and politicians attended, offering guidance and advice. These professionals emphasized the importance of taking advantage of the resources and support available to student-athletes to prepare for their future careers.