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Braddahhood Grindz & Giovanni Pastrami Hosts Year 3 Event Celebrating Hawai’i Men’s Volleyball Team | PHOTO GALLERY

Celebrating the spirit and dedication of Hawaii’s Men’s Volleyball team this past season, the Braddahhood Grindz & Giovanni Pastrami team hosted an event in honor of them and was a big win for sports appreciation and professional growth. This is the third year of the Braddahhood Grindz program, which has grown from nutrition to include professional development. It has been a great support system for athletes, helping them grow both on and off the court.

The event was joyous and energetic; however it was also a chance for athletes to connect with local business leaders and learn from them. There was a lot of mingling, sharing of ideas, and building of relationships that could lead to future opportunities.

Thanks to the sponsors and everyone who came, the event raised over $16,000 for the Hawaii Men’s Volleyball team. People donated money and prizes, all to help the team reach their goals and show that sense of community backing.

They say there is strength and numbers.. the Braddahhood Grindz program and events symbolizes that with it’s gathering of the UH ‘ohana with strong community support to rally behind our Hawai’i athletes.

A big thank you goes out to founder Ryan Tanaka and his Braddahhood Grindz team, as well as the staff at Giovanni Pastrami, for their amazing support of UH Athletics. Their help goes a long way in building a strong community around sports and backing our athletes.