Baseball Outside the Box
Peter Caliendo

This show is for coaches of all levels, players and also parents that need to be better educated in their son’s or daughter’s development. After 35 plus years of coaching in baseball, from instructor at the world famous Mickey Owen Baseball School to national team coach to Independent professional baseball, Team USA and teaching around the world, I realized why I wanted to start The Inside Pitch. To give coaches the same opportunity I have had, to learn from the best coaches from all over the world.

Sept. 10 – Australian 18 U National Team Coach and Perth Heat Manager in the Australian Baseball League Andrew Kyle discusses Australian player development. Players from Australia are placed by the hundreds in colleges in the USA and they produce many major league players. One of the best International teams with only a population of about 40 million people.

Sept. 7 – MLB Senior Vice President for International Baseball Jim Small on the show to discuss International Baseball Development worldwide.

Sept. 3 – Max Wardell of Overhead Athletic Institute discusses throwing properly equals pitching better, staying healthy and enjoying the game long term. Wardell pitched collegiately, has his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Oakland University, is the Medical Throwing Director at Overhead Athletics and is a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Aug. 20 – Are we spending wisely on young players’ long term development?

Aug. 19 – Coach Caliendo in Rome Italy on Caliendo Sports softball tour discussing with Coach Anadio of Herkemer College National Champion and Amanda Fifield of Ballston Spa HS State Champion on player development and the benefits of an international sports trip.

Aug. 17 – Listen about a new podcast from Peter Caliendo coming soon which is specifically dedicated to the coach, parent and player in youth baseball. From when you get started in baseball to about 14 years old. Coach Caliendo has over 35 years of working with youth kids and training coaches in over 45 countries and the USA who work with young kids.

July 15 – Long time friend of host Pete Caliendo, Dave Barnett joins the show and discusses how he stayed in the college game so long at the same school. So many great coaching, playing, and parent advice nuggets. Along with humor and the development of the game.

July 12 – Founded in 2015 by Coach Justin Sherman, JustinTime Baseball is an independent baseball and softball training and coaching business located in Westchester, NY. JustinTime Baseball specializes in developing youth players ages 5-9 years old, which is the most important age of development that could keep them in the game longer and help minimize future injuries.

July 8 – Dodgers’ Defensive Coach Pedro Montero joins the show to discuss cut-offs and relays; the Dodger Way; transitioning from player to coach; and more.

June 25 – Coach Caliendo chats with Xavier Paul, one of his former USA Pan Am 12U players that made it to the big leagues. Paul was also on the USA Baseball 16U Gold Medal Team. They discuss his path to the MLB; dealing with failure at all levels; what he learned in the minors; and more.

June 23 – Dodgers AZL Manager Tony Cappuccilli joins the show to discuss his coaching career; developing younger players for the big league level; and more.

June 17 – Tampa Bay Rays Minor League Mental Performance Coach Kris Goodman discusses how parents should understand mental training so they can help their kids and themselves to better deal with watching their kids fail and how coaches need to be mentally trained to deal with the pressures of making decisions.

June 16 – Author of ‘ICED! The Illusionary Treatment Option’ Gary Reinl discusses how ice actually slows down recovery and does not speed it up and other treatment options such as Marc Pro, a cutting-edge electronic muscle stimulation device that helps muscles recover faster, allowing professional and everyday athletes to perform and feel their best.

June 15 – Former MLB pitcher and Coach Jim Bower joins Pete Caliendo dicuss what he learned from coaches in Japan which he still applies in his teachings; recovery, how and why it is important; technology and how to apply it to benefit the player and help the coach verify his teaching; and more.

June 14 – Ernesto Raya, what a story of mental strength, determination and pure guts. Raya came to the US on a raft from Cuba and spent 14 months in Guantanamo not knowing if he would be approved for a Visa. Lots to learn from this discussion for anyone in baseball or life.

June 7 – This discussion is explosive. In 1980 Dr. Coop DeRenne was the first baseball coach/researcher to study biokinetics of the swing and pitching motion and combine it with how to coach it. Also, testing ways to increase bat speed and pitching velocity. Dr. Coop DeRenne is a brilliant mind way ahead of his time and he joined forces with another brilliant mind in the game Tom House on how to teach what the research has found – how the body moves the best to get the best results.

June 3 – One of the most successful college baseball coaches Ray Birmingham talks retirement and baseball development throughout the years. Birmingham’s coaching career spans 4 decades with 1224 wins in his career, 169 players in professional baseball, 5 NCAA Tournament appearances, 7 Mountain West Championships, and more.

June 1 – Born in Puerto Rico, Hector Berrios is a 23-year minor league pitching coach and discusses his approach to teaching pitching. Berrios believes that velocity will come if you work on rhythm, timing, and tempo.

May 28 – Punahou High School Baseball head coach Keenan Sue joins Coach Caliendo to chat about his playing and coaching career; winning the 2019 State Championship; and more!

May 26 – Pete Caliendo hops on another podcast to talk about his career and why he decided to start “Baseball Outside the Box”.

Punahou High School head baseball coach Keenan Sue will join Pete Caliendo Tuesday to talk about his career, baseball in Hawaii, and more!

May 25 – Peter Caliendo jumps to the other side of the mic and joins Max Wardell on “In the Name of Overhead Athletics” to discuss the development of baseball players through improved coaching practices.

May 24 – Founder of Krush Performance and a renowned Strength and Conditioning Specialist working with professional sport organizations in baseball, football, NHL, and more, Jeff Krushell discusses how to set up a Long Term Development Plan for your baseball/softball players. Also, learn what is detrimental to a youth player’s development.

May 21 – Tyler Goodro of has worked with catchers of all level and has some great innovative catching techniques and drills. Goodro is a 5 year professional player with the Dodgers and Independent Baseball as well as Associate Scout for the Phillies, ABCA Barnstormers Coach, and ABCA Hot Stove Speaker. If you want to learn where to start with a young catcher and how to end with a big league guys, Tyler is fantastic.

May 10 – Former General Manager of the Expos, Red Sox and Orioles Dan Duquette discusses his baseball dreams as a kid; experiences in the game as an executive; players he’s signed; and more.

May 6 – ‘Iolani grad and Kansas City Assistant Hitting Coordinator Keone DeRenne joins the show to talk about playing baseball in Hawaii; coaches that helped him as a player and coach; how he transitioned from player to coach; and more!

May 1 – Mike Cavers CEO/Owner of Strobe Training joins the show to discuss the Strobe Glasses. Cavers was a College baseball player, Pro player in AA and Nike Director of Marketing/Business Development. The Strobe Glasses help train your eyes and brain for all positions.

April 29 – Russian Baseball Federation President Dimitry Kiselev and Ukraine National Team Coach Oleg Boyko join coach Caliendo to discuss the baseball landscape and player development in Europe.

April 27 – Grandson of the great Harry Caray and current play-by-play announcer for the Atlanta Braves Chip Caray joins Coach Caliendo to talk about broadcasting; the current state of the game; rule changes; and more!

April 20 – The French Baseball Federation offers many opportunities for coaches and players to participate, get better and develop to high levels. Boris Rothermundt is Vice Director of the French Baseball Federation, a coach on the National Team and Head of Baseball Academy in France. Lachene Benhamida Director Institute Coaches Formation, head of Baseball5 and Women’s National Team Coach.

April 16 – Jeremy Booth, Founder/CEO of Program 15 and President Baseball Operations New Balance Future Stars Series, brings an honest discussion about how we are losing players early on because they are being incorrectly developed and evaluated in many ways. How do we correct it? Jeremy has been working on this for many years.

April 15 – Tom House and Luke Collis are co-founders of Mustard, a new training app that harnesses a smartphone’s camera to guide the development of young athletes and democratize access to elite coaching. House has a 40-year history of coaching the mechanics of Hall of Famers across baseball. Collis, COO and Head of Product, explains why this app will help a player’s pitching game from the very beginning.

Click here to learn more about the Mustard app and request early access.

April 14 – Tyler Goodro of has worked with catchers of all levels and has some great innovative catching techniques and drills. If you want to learn where to start with a young catcher and how to work towards the big leagues, this episode is for you!

April 12 – Russell Hartford, USA Baseball Senior Director of Technology, discusses the performance testing and approval process that bats must go through in order to receive USABat certification; why USA Baseball decided to use bats which act exactly like wood bats; and more!

April 9 – Hawaii native Carl Iwasaki, head baseball coach at the University of Northern Colorado, joins the show! Iwasake talks about guys like Kolten Wong, Kurt Suzuki and others in MLB and why they made it big. Plus youth baseball in Hawaii, his Japanese heritage, and more.

April 7 – Former MLB Pitcher, Pitching Coach, Front Office Assistant GM joins Coach Caliendo to discuss pitching, the development of the game, and more.

April 5 – Dr. Bob discusses the epidemic in youth sports, parents, and overuse – physical and mental overuse, abuse, how to educate parents and coaches on these issues. There may be way too many games being played in youth baseball and why that’s a bad thing. Youth sports now a 20 billion dollar industry.

April 2 – Tavis Piattoly, MS, RD, LDN is the co-founder and Director of Sports Nutrition education for My Sports Dietitian (, an online sports nutrition education company that helps athletes of all levels improve their eating habits to enhance performance, recovery, and health through the guidance of a Licensed Sports Dietitian.

March 31 – Coach Caliendo is joined by Thomari Story-Harden & Clark Jones. They talk international baseball trips and why it’s great for building character; the state of Youth Baseball in the USA and what changes need to be made to help players long term development; keys to building a successful program at all levels; universal training; ways to help coaches get better; what things the COVID-19 pandemic has actually helped within the development of the game; and more.

March 30 – It’s all about learning from other sports and Peter Caliendo welcomes his childhood friend NHL Columbus Blue Jackets assistant coach Kenny McCudden to the show. McCudden started off as a stick boy with the Blackhawks and with determination, hard work, passion, and a willingness to consistently learn he made it in the NHL as a top coach and instructor.

March 29 – Former MLB catcher Jim Sundberg joins Peter Caliendo to chat about his time in the big leagues including the things he worked on that made him an all-star and his book “How to Win at Sports Parenting. Sundberg, now a motivational speaker, covers how to help parents with their kids in sports, coaching as a volunteer, coaching your own kid, and more. Plus, dealing with the failure as a coach, player, and parent.

March 26 – Having coached T-ball, Youth Baseball, High School and College, this is a must listen show. Jack McDowell a 3 time All Star, 2 time 20 game winner and Cy Young Award talks straight about the game today and his thoughts on developing young players.

March 24 – Learn about Serbian Baseball as they continue to look for ways to develop their grassroots and national team level. Listen to Nick Mitrovich who went to Serbia to play and became one of the national team coaches. We discuss from how baseball started, how they recruit players all the way to the national team program. Listen to how culture plays a role in how they deal with failure, get better and their work ethics. Not many players in the country but they can compete, why? Lots of USA coaches have been to Serbia to help and you can find out how you can help Serbian Baseball. You can learn how they raise money, gather equipment and more. Check out the Serbian Baseball Team on Facebook, here. Lots to learn from other countries on how to develop the game on and off the field.