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This show is for coaches of all levels, players and also parents that need to be better educated in their son’s or daughter’s development. After 35 plus years of coaching in baseball, from instructor at the world famous Mickey Owen Baseball School to national team coach to Independent professional baseball, Team USA and teaching around the world, I realized why I wanted to start The Inside Pitch. To give coaches the same opportunity I have had, to learn from the best coaches from all over the world.

First time Coach Caliendo meets Coach Joe Jordano and he is excited meeting him. Great discussion on the following items. Quick question and answers about Joe Jordano. // How he got into coaching. // Starting coaching so young what did he learn by his mistakes. // Who and what did learn prior to getting into coaching that he took into his first year of coaching. // Lots of advice for younger coaches. // Did you ever want to give up? And how did you keep going? // Game and players changing, your opinion? // Young kids and some coaches want to accomplish things quickly nowadays, in your opinion. // Dealing with Failure. // IMG Academy, development, games, etc.

Bryan Minniti Former Assistant GM MLB 21 years w/MLB Clubs in front office leadership. This is an explosive discussion which covers so many areas of the game of baseball in the front office as well as on the field.

Coach Caliendo on Clearing the Bases Podcast talking baseball development at the younger levels.

Baseball in Ireland heading in a very good direction, learn new ideas in growing the sport. Pete Caliendo back from Vancouver, Canada takes the show to the beautiful country of Ireland. Check out all the development programs they are working on to develop the grassroots as well as the national team levels.

Coach Caliendo gives some great advice to parents and also coaches on the car ride home for young kids after a baseball or softball game. This would apply to any sport.

May 6, 2022: In this episode of “Baseball Outside the Box,” host Pete Caliendo speaks with former athlete Jason Colleran who has developed the Kinetic Arm™ – the first dynamic arm stabilizer engineered for athletes.

April 21, 2022: In this episode of “Baseball Outside the Box,” host Pete Caliendo is back from Vancouver Canada and takes the show to the beautiful country of Ireland. Check out all the developmental programs they are working on to develop teams on the grass roots and national levels.

Frank Andrews, High Performance and Development Coach for Baseball Ireland has the program going in a very positive direction.

April 19, 2022: In this episode of “Baseball Outside the Box,” Coach Caliendo gives some great advice to parents and also coaches on the car ride home for young kids after a baseball or softball game. This would apply to any sport.

April 15, 2022: In this episode of Baseball Outside the Box, Coach Caliendo discusses the importance of a player, parent, coach meeting prior to a baseball season/practice.

April 13, 2022: In this episode of Baseball Outside the Box, Coach Caliendo talks about modified games from around the world to make the game more fun and productive.

April 11, 2022: In this episode of Baseball Outside the Box, Coach Caliendo joins for the 12 year BC Minor Baseball Player, Parents and Coaches Caravan. 3 weeks of traveling all over Vancouver and Vancouver Island hosting a special program directed in education and promoting the game.

“This is the best program I have seen anywhere in the world helping develop the grassroots of the game of baseball for boys and girls” Peter Caliendo

April 2, 2022: In this episode of Baseball Outside the Box, Peter is joined by Roberto’s Kids (Roberto Clemente) Founder and President Steve Pindar!

March 30, 2022: In this episode of Baseball Outside the Box, Peter is joined by Oakland A’s Nancy Finley on her book “Finley Ball” life with Charlie Finley.

March 28 – In today’s edition of ”Baseball Outside the Box,” Peter is joined by New York Yankees assistant hitting coach and Curacao native Hensley Meulens!

March 23 – Today, Peter is joined by Herm Schneider, athletic trainer for the Chicago White Sox. The longest-tenured trainer in MLB history (40 years!), Herm handled personal rehabilitations for great players like Bo Jackson, Ozzie Guillen and Robin Ventura. He also worked along with the great Michael Jordan in his conversion to baseball.

March 10 – In this edition of ”Baseball Outside the Box,” Peter is joined by Larry Lin, a top coach in his home country of Taiwan. Peter and Larry discuss the state of baseball in Taiwan and how the sport has grown and developed over the years.

March 7 – Peter welcomes former professional baseball player and speaker/trainer Lou Vickory, who has a new book (co-authored by Sonny Smith), “Winning the Head Game…Key to Elite Athletic Status.”

March 1 – Peter welcomes Pete Wilkinson, a former international Olympic program baseball and softball lead consultant and award-winning coach. Listen to this engaging conversation as the two discuss the state of baseball at the grassroots level in the United States.

Feb. 10 – Peter chats with Jim Bettencourt, founder of Baseball Rules in Black and White – a terrific app for all coaches to understand and find baseball rules for all levels of the sport.

Feb. 2 – In this edition of “Baseball Outside the Box,” we talk international baseball with two outstanding guests: Jim Baba, the director of the World Baseball Softball Confederation Technical Committee; and Peter Kurz, General Manager of the Israel Olympic Team that competed in Tokyo, Japan.

Jan. 31 – Peter welcomes Alper Bozkurt, a top expert in German baseball. Coach Bozkurt recently returned to Germany after attending the best coaches conference in the world, the American Baseball Coaches Association Conference held in Chicago.

Jan. 22 – Baseball in China is exploding, and MLB International is helping create interest at the grass roots level with academies and so much more. Chinese players love the game of baseball! Peter talks with Rick Dell, MLB International General Manager Baseball Development. 

Jan. 20 – In today’s edition, we take a deep dive into baseball in India and learn about a new professional baseball league being started by Commissioner Vamsi Kondreddy.

Jan. 18 – Coach Pete sits down with Brigham Young University assistant coach/recruiting coordinator Brent Harig, who is also head coach of American Samoa’s 18u National Team. Learn about the development of BYU’s and American Samoa’s baseball programs and so much more. Coach Haring has more than 20 years of college coaching experience along with having coached internationally.

Jan. 14 – Czech Republic Senior National Team Coach Pavel Chadim talks about the history of baseball, developing top players and future goals. Coach Chadim started as a player and worked his way to Czech Republic Senior National Team Manager. Czech Republic has developed players for college and professional baseball.

Jan. 11 – Coach Caliendo discusses baseball development in the Caribbean country of Belize with four coaches/administrators helping develop the game of baseball! Tony Smith, Andrew Tramel, Joel Wakitsch and Richard Wentwerth join Coach Caliendo on this highly informative podcast!

Jan. 4 – A special New Year’s message from Peter!

Dec. 28 – Current MLB Umpire Ted Barrett joins “Baseball Outside the Box.” We discuss more than rules and regulations; we also detail his journey to become a major league umpire and so much more. It’s a fantastic show!

Dec. 25 – Coach Caliendo’s mentor and great friend for over 40 years, ABCA Hall of Fame coach Terry Ayers, stops by the studio for a great discussion on how parents should spend their money wisely on their kid’s baseball development.

Dec. 24 – Ron Kittle former MLB White Sox Player explains his tough battle to the big leagues and more. This show is dedicated to Roland Hemond.

Dec. 22 – Ron Maestri is a legend in college baseball and the recipient of the Lefty Gomez Award. In this episode, Ron winner talks about baseball coaching, development and so much more. Learn from a legend in the game!

Dec. 20 – Haiti Baseball is developing young talent at the grassroots & national team levels, and GM Ernso Pierre and the Federation have great ideas for the future of Haitian Baseball!

Dec. 14 – Coach Caliendo was invited to the first-annual Euro Baseball Winter League, organized with the WBSC Europe and Nestor Perez and Tenerife Spain Baseball. An educational program bringing 48 top European players ages 18 u. This program is being developed to get better European players more games, practices with professional coaches, classroom education and top competitive games.

Dec. 8 – Czech Republic National Team Coach Alex Derhak talks baseball development in the Czech Republic with Coach Caliendo in Tenerife, Spain at 1st Euro Winter League.

Dec. 6 – Today, we head to Aruba to discuss the success of Randolph Oduber. From his childhood growing up in Aruba and playing baseball as a youth to an impact player with the Netherlands National team in the world Baseball Classic!

Nov. 20 – Coach Caliendo jumps to the Writer/Broadcaster area with MLB Network and
MLB.com JP Morosi who covers International Baseball. This interview covers a
little of everything from how JP started in the industry, advice for young
people on how to break into the industry, international baseball, also
baseball development, unwritten rules, and so much more.

Nov. 18 – Peter chats with Jim Schlossnagle, head baseball coach at Texas Christian University TCU), a position he has held since the 2004 season. Schlossnagle has been named a National Coach of the Year by the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association in 2010 and by Baseball America in 2016.

Nov. 16 – Ned Colletti is a wealth of knowledge and common sense life skills. This is an incredible episode that everyone can learn from when it comes to overcoming life’s experiences. The former Dodger GM had the highest winning percentage in the NL from 2005 to 2014 and is a 3x Emmy Award-winning baseball analyst.

Nov. 8 – In Part 2 of our conversation with longtime coach Matt Helke, we continue our discussion about the issues with the batting tee and why Soft Toss slows down your ability to become a better hitter.

Nov. 5 – Our latest show is a “must listen,’ as our guest is Ron Washington World Series Championship 3rd base coach, a great coach, teacher and person. He’ll be a manager again soon, and should be!

Oct. 25 – Pete’s back with a special guest, longtime coach Matt Helke. Today’s topic: “Why the batting tee is actually impeding your hitting” – or worse!

Oct. 21 – Peter Is back after traveling around the globe and serving as an ambassador for youth baseball. Hear all about his experiences and get his take on the MLB postseason!

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