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[All times are Hawai’i Standard]

TUE 4.16UH MVBCall the Coach with Charlie Wade6:30 PM
WED 4.17UH BSBExtra Innings with Rich Hill6:00 PM
THU 4.18UH MVB – Big West TourneyUCSB vs. Hawaii6:45 PM
FRI 4.19UH BSBCal Poly vs. Hawaii6:02 PM
SAT 4.20MLBTampa Bay vs. NY Yankees6:30 AM
UH BSBCal Poly vs. Hawaii6:05 PM
SUN 4.21UH BSBCal Poly vs. Hawaii12:35 PM

[All times are Hawai’i Standard].

MON 4.15MLBNY Yankees at Toronto12:25 PM
TUE 4.16MLBNY Yankees at Toronto12:25 PM
UH BSBChaminade vs. Hawaii6:06 PM
WED 4.17MLBSan Francisco at Miami5:40 AM
NBA – Play-in TourneyAtlanta vs. Chicago3:00 PM
THU 4.18MLBArizona vs. San Francisco3:15 PM
FRI 4.19NBA – Play-in TourneyDoubleheader TBD12:30 PM
SAT 4.20MLBArizona vs. San Francisco9:35 AM
SUN 4.21MLBArizona vs. San Francisco9:35 AM

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