On Point w/ Artie Wilson

On Point w/ Artie Wilson

Take it strong to the hoop every Friday morning at 9 a.m. with “On Point with Artie Wilson.” It’s a full hour of bold commentary, exclusive interviews and your phone calls!

June 4 – Artie Wilson continues your Aloha #HDayFriday discussion.
From the injury plagued LA Lakers getting bounced in the first round of the NBA’s Western Conference playoffs to a new group of emerging stars, Artie hits on all NBA topics. Plus a discussion on Coach Chris Gerlufsen heading to San Francisco and also the final year for Coach K at Duke.
On today’s show:
-Leigh Steinberg, Sports Agent: with over four decades in the business, Lee has seen it all. From being involved with the UH logo change to sleeping better due to working with Dr. Kiefer, Leigh also discusses his clients and how they have created scholarships at their high schools and their foundations have created grants and gifts. Also, Leigh discusses helping young people who aspire to be sports agents or who want to work in the sports field.

May 28 – Artie Wilson continues your Aloha #HDayFriday discussion.
From the disappointing teams to players with the biggest impacts, Artie discusses all things around the first-round of the NBA Playoffs.
On today’s show:
-Coach Phil Handy, former Hawaii men’s basketball guard and current LA Lakers Assistant Coach: discusses the difference between regular season and playoff basketball in the Association, the injuries that have been a big factor with the Lakers this season, what types of preparation happen prior to and within a playoff series and what’s been the biggest turnaround for the Lakers as they went from down 0-1 in the series to up 2-1 ahead of Sunday’s game 4 in Los Angeles.

May 21 – Artie Wilson continues your Aloha #HDayFriday discussion.
From the near completion of the 2021 NBA Playoff picture to the recently announced Diamond Head Classic field, Artie talks all levels of basketball.
On today’s show:
-Coach June Jones, former UH Football Head Coach: discusses the treatment for those with sleep issues, how some leagues are moving to a flag football format, the change of view over the years regarding head injuries and something happening with the XFL and CFL.
-Trevor Ruffin, former UH Men’s Basketball standout: talks of the differences between regular season and playoff basketball and the former NBA veteran gives us his picks for each first-round series.

May 14 – Artie is joined by Jason Keifer, an expert in brain development and health, on the effects concussions have on everyone, not just pro athletes. Artie is also joined by Tiff Wells on the amazing NCAA championship for UH Men’s Volleyball, and former coach George Lumpkin n stories about the late Colt Brennan.

April 30 – Artie Wilson continues your Aloha #HDayFriday discussion.
From the NBA regular season winding down to UH Men’s Volleyball heading to the Final Four to the spring football game for UH Football and the upcoming challenges with season ticket holders for football games now being on campus, Artie discuss all of that and also chimes in on the NFL Draft first round selections and the instant large bank accounts they now have.
On today’s show:
-Coach June Jones, former UH Football Head Coach: discusses how the production of the draft has changed over the years, the instantaneous and life changing money for these first round picks, who he liked as Quarterback in this year’s class and talks about one of his former UH players that went from receiver, to defensive back, back to receiver.

April 23 – Artie Wilson continues your Aloha #HDayFriday discussion.
From the NBA entering its final month of the regular season to #HawaiiMBB alums and their college age sons who play basketball to the big weekend for #HawaiiMVB in the Big West Men’s Volleyball Championship, Artie also reflects on a recent award given to his Godfather (Willie Mays) by Baseball Digest.
On today’s show:
-Phil Lott, former #HawaiiMBB standout: while on a family vacation here in Hawai`i, Phil gives thanks to another #HawaiiMBB standout player and coach Bob Nash, what messages he preaches to both his sons and those on AAU teams he coaches and is UH still a destination for basketball players.